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Business Travel On the Fly is a monthly podcast aimed at business travelers that dives into issues affecting those of us who spend time up in the air, out of the office, and away from home on work trips. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or on your first trip, we will unpack the future of business travel with experts from in and around the industry. Plus, you’ll get top travel tips from road warriors around the globe.

Episode #005

It's personal... How will the ‘new world’ of travel impact the employee experience?

As travel slowly restarts around the world what will it mean for the employee experience and how should a travel manager prepare?
CWT's Julian Walker speaks to Jeremy Prout, Regional Security Manager and Dr. William Hauptman, MD, Medical Director Assistance, from International SOS, as we take a holistic view at getting employees back on the road and provide you with a roadmap and strategic framework for a return-to-travel.

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Previous podcasts

Managing the Olympics during COVID-19

Episode #004

Managing the Olympics during COVID-19

Few events are as globally significant and historic as the Olympics, although COVID-19 comes close. CWT speaks with the International Olympic Committee and 3 PEAKS Leadership about the importance of communication and transparency, why it’s essential to have effective contingency plans and essential advice on dealing with ‘uncontrollable’ events as we've never seen before.

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Travel in the time of Coronavirus

Episode #003

COVID-19: Business travel in the time of coronavirus

We discuss what the leading travel risk services company, International SOS is advising all clients right now. For those who still need to travel in these unprecedented and unsettling times, find out what you must consider before making that decision. Matt Bradley offers his take on how business travel will change post-COVID-19.

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Podcast Episode #002

Episode #002

Imagine if expense reporting disappears

If there's one bane that unites business travelers from Singapore to Switzerland, it's submitting expense reports. Could this tedious chore be on its way out? Dave Holmes, VP for Payments at CWT, talks us through innovations in global payments technology that will make paying for, and accounting for, work trip expenses much more interactive – and much less of a pain.

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Podcast - Episode #1

Episode #001

Let’s chat about AI and chatbots

How do we teach computers human language in all its complexity and context to the point where business travelers can book each element of their trip via messenger or chat? Ziv Baum, an AI specialist in Tel Aviv, discusses the ABCs of artificial intelligence and chatbots and how they’re being used in business travel.

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Podcast pilot

Pilot Episode

Improving the shopping experience for business travelers

Why is booking personal travel a lot more fun than booking business travel? It’s not just because the former means vacation and the latter work. Erik Magnuson, VP of Air Distribution Capabilities at CWT, breaks down for us how airlines and the industry are working to improve the shopping experience for business travelers.

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Disclaimer: Travel tips and other information provided in this podcast are not based on your company’s travel policies. Please evaluate any suggestions or information provided in this podcast in the context of your company’s internal travel policy.

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